07 July 2012

Little things are falling into place

Officially, we have plane tickets to Amsterdam (huzzah!). The cats are also scheduled to fly on the same flight (in the climate controlled cargo hold) - I'll be checking up with the airline again to confirm they have the cats ready to go (and probably double-confirm, triple-confirm...).

We have appointments in 2 weeks with the Dutch Consulate to pick up our visas. Interestingly enough, our local consulate only takes 2 people per appointment, even if you have 3 people in the same family. So we're divided with Poppa and Little Man in one appointment and Mama in another. Hopefully all goes smoothly.

The moving company is coming back this week to re-estimate our cost since we've knocked out a lot of things since the initial estimate. Crossing our fingers that this will drop the estimate cost a decent amount.

Many things that we're not bringing with us are going up on Craig's List as we start the final push to clear stuff out of the house. A few things are being kindly stored for us in other people's homes.

Still have a long list of things to accomplish, but things are slowly getting ticked off one by one.

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