05 July 2012

Getting ready to move

In short order our family will move to the Noord-Brabant province of the Netherlands. The opportunity came up very suddenly and we have had just a few weeks to get our traveling documents in order and clear out/pack our home. Luckily, our passports and apostilles for birth certificates and marriage license have come through, making the wait a little less of a nail-biter.

The movers are coming to pack up in a week and a half, and we expect our work and residence permit to be ready at about the same time. In the meantime, we also have to determine our flight, get the cats' traveling paperwork in order, and finish de-crapping our apartment. And I'll be finishing my last day at work and hopefully getting my replacement settled and as prepared as I can. Yikes.

We're still working on housing arrangements. We're hoping to have something lined up before our arrival, and we're working with a very nice relocation company to make this happen. We'd much rather have something we can move into right away (even if we have to furnish it and wait a few weeks for the stuff we shipped by container) than have to live in a hotel with a toddler and not really be able to settle for a few days/weeks. We've already found a nice kattenpension - cattery - for the cats to hang out at if we find that we have to wait on housing... this will be sure to make them good and angry after an international flight in a crate, an hour and a half ride from Amersterdam, and whatever else customs may put them through.

Until we have more news, we'll be in this limbo state of half-moved. Updates to come.

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