14 July 2012

Good Will either loves us or hates us; but either way, my heart is with Craig's List

We've made at least 4 car loads of donations to Good Will this week - it's a good thing they are only a short ways away. I think we might even be recognized as "regulars" after I keep running into the same employee/volunteer. Hopefully they really are happy to see us pull up day after day and not muttering under their breath at the loads. We've tried to make sure we're not giving them junk, but someone has to process the stuff.

The number of things that we've been able to sell on Craig's List has been amazing. It's not always the most efficient method of getting something out of the house, but generally I'm pretty impressed with what ends up selling and I can feel good about the fact that we're recycling our stuff.

11 days left until departure.

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