About the Adventure

Hi! I'm Aislinn Callahan-Brandt, the Keeper of the Blog, though I go by Ace here at the blog.

I'm an American living as an expat in the Netherlands. I started Ace the Adventure in 2012 as my family began the process of moving from Chicago to Tilburg to chronicle our journey and experiences. Since then the blog has grown into much more. When I'm not blogging about my own expat experience or advice for other expats and travelers, I'm keeping up with my son, learning the Dutch language, crafting, and cooking, which I also share in my posts. You can also keep up with me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at arcallahanbrandt [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Initially called Life in Dutch, I jumped my blog's name to the current Ace the Adventure in 2015. In my mind, and because I'm a grammar nerd, Ace the Adventure can be viewed in 3 different ways:

  • An imperative statement: Ace the adventure!
  • A declarative statement: [I will] ace the adventure!
  • A description: Ace, the adventure. (Me, myself, and my adventure)

Each of these statements describes my life at any given time. Life abroad has opened up a lot of opportunities as well as challenges, which I share here. So, join me as the adventures continue! I'll be here – and probably munching on a stroopwafel.

My companions on this crazy journey: Mark and the Little Man. Mark's job brought us to the Netherlands and the Little Man generally enjoys everything that goes with our crazy life. Sebastian and Zappa, our two neurotic though lovable cats, have *almost* forgiven us for the flights they endured to move here.

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