04 May 2015

The Things I'd Only Ever Dreamed Of

It's moments like now that I can't help but look back and feel blessed.

We just got back from Lisbon, and it's yet another trip that makes me realize that just a few years ago, trips and experiences like these are things that I could only have dreamed of. The US is a big country, and while there's plenty of cultural differences between regions, you can't even begin to compare it to the cultural differences that exist between countries.

A photo posted by Ace Callahan (@arcbcrafts) on

A photo posted by Ace Callahan (@arcbcrafts) on

European vacations from the US are expensive, which limits the opportunities Americans have to travel outside their own culture. Living in Europe has allowed me to make my dream trips to Dublin and Paris and create a "travel wish list" that seems realistic without an "if I ever win the lottery" caveat. I've been able to stand surrounded by other languages and hear how they're truly spoken, even if I can't understand a word. I've walked along ancient streets that I'd read about but never imagined touching. It's humbling to think about.

A photo posted by Ace Callahan (@arcbcrafts) on

A photo posted by Ace Callahan (@arcbcrafts) on

Portugal is a gorgeous country and the city of Lisbon is full of history, color, and plenty to do. I'm going to work on some posts about it, but at the moment, I'm content to think about the opportunities I've had so far and how grateful I am for them.

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  1. Portugal is the first trip I want to take when we are a two income family again!


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