14 October 2013

Monday Coffee and Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

It's Monday again, so I'm joining up with Molly at The Move to America to get the week started and make some plans.

The Move to America

Last week, I'm happy to say brought us mostly back up to speed. The house got cleaned up a bit, the wash got done, and the delicious smells of pumpkin bread filled the house - all sorts of daily chores are actually getting done. I've been trying to keep up on some paperwork around the house, which always feels like a never ending process - especially when it takes longer when it's in Dutch. It's a lot of the everyday type of stuff, but keeping up is important.

Of course, we've continued preparing for Little Man's transition to kleuterschool, which officially starts next week. We've got the additional supplies purchased and stopped off at the library to borrow a book about the first day of school (in Dutch).

I also got these cute, twin dinosaurs finished this weekend and I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Hopefully the little recipients will be as excited about them as I am. If you're interested in trying the pattern yourself, check it out at Free Amigurumi Patterns. This site has a lot of cute, free crochet patterns. I'll be making yet another dinosaur, this time for Little Man; because it's hard to watch your mama make lovey dinosaurs that you're not allowed to play with. A nice blue dino will be in the works shortly, but I'm also planning to move onto making some cute hats.

Dino twins!

This week, I started with a nice cup of tea rather than coffee. I go through stages of getting a bit jittery from coffee and as the latest one started I made the switch back to tea for a while. But it goes well in my favorite mug and still contains caffeine, so all is well.

My first goal for the week is something you can help with! I've set a goal of getting the Life in Dutch Facebook page up to 75 likes by the end of the week - but I hope to go further than that! You can help by popping over to the page and taking a look, or using this handy little button right here:

A good portion of my goals for the week involves the camera. For our upcoming trip to Paris, I want to make sure we have a lot of pictures. Sometimes while we travel we forget about the camera and then we don't have as many pictures as I would like by the end of the trip. For a life-long dream trip like this, I want to make sure I'm prepared. This also means getting the camera card cleaned off and the pictures organized on the computer and backed up on another source right away.

Little Man often ends up taking pretty good pictures on his kid-friendly camera, so this also needs to get cleaned off and saved onto a computer so he can click away in Paris. Otherwise, we're getting him excited with the idea of a trip, and thankfully already have the Madeline collection to make the idea of Paris seem a little more real to him.

"In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines..."

Well, I'm off to deal with the camera - Here's to your week and plans!


  1. Those dinosaurs are just gorgeous! I would be so proud of those seeing as I can only knit wonky stuff!
    I hope your trip to Paris goes well - I've never been so would love to see your photos!

    Thanks again for linking up with my blogging social! Have a great week!

  2. Love the dinos! Can't wait to hear about Paris, we just got back from there and had a blast :)

  3. Thanks, Molly - I'm pretty proud of them. My original crocheting stuff is pretty goofy looking, but it's definitely much better now!
    I'll definitely put the photos up when we get back. I just need to make sure I always have my camera on!

  4. Thanks! I'm really excited about the trip - glad to hear you had fun. Are you putting up pics on your blog at time soon?

  5. The dinos are so cute! Maybe you should sell me one. ;-) Oh fb page liked! Good luck! Maybe you should change that to 100.....you're already at 72!

  6. Thanks on both! I'm a dino expert now (I've made 4 already) ;)
    And thanks for the like! It's getting really close!

  7. Sure you can! Give me a few days to make up a pattern and I'll e-mail you once I've got a good idea. =)

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