07 June 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Risor Scheidingswand/Room Divider

We've been a little busy with things, so I offer this short and sweet review rather than potentially and accidentally abandoning the IKEA Vrijdag reviews for a few weeks (again...).

Today we look at the Risor Scheidingwand/Room Divider - a contemporary version of the classic privacy screen. It's a bit of a long story of how and why it's there, but we have a fair amount of things in storage on our top floor that no one really wants to look at, particularly when using that space as an office or guest room. The simplest solution was to buy a room divider to block that stuff from view with something that didn't look silly or out of place. Luckily, IKEA has a few solutions in this area, leading us to the 7 foot tall, 6 foot wide Risor. It's available in white with a solid pine frame stained a dark brown/black - a color similar to the 2x2 Expedit we purchased.

Risor Schedingswand/Room Divider - this thing is so big, the picture doesn't
do it justice. Especially because I don't want to show off the junk it's hiding.

The best feature about this item is that it came 100% assembled - an IKEA furniture first for us. All we had to do was open the box and stand it up. IKEA didn't even feel the need to include the ubiquitous allen wrench. It was beautiful. Because we had IKEA deliver this and several other items to our home, we did run into a brief issue when we took it out of the box. Someone in a work boot had clearly stepped on the box (the huge footprint proved this) and a corner of the white polypropylene filler had been popped out - but Mark was able to pop it back in without a problem. This isn't the fault of the product - just the person who stepped on the box.

Fun Fact: This particular IKEA item has been part of the Doctor Who set for the 2011 Children in Need promo. I came across the ad by chance a little while ago and immediately recognized the room divider, and the ad is funny, so that's a bonus. Doctor Who fans, the video is embedded at the bottom of the post - enjoy.

We give the Risor Scheidingswand/Room Divider our first awarding of a full 5 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. It does its job and didn't require us to do anything, so I couldn't be happier.

Life in Dutch Rating for Risor Scheidingswand/Room Divider:

Enjoy, fellow nerds.


  1. Your video is good but you don’t think that your room
    divider is having the old designing as the new designs are coming.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. This divider was purchased in September 2012, but as of today (11 November 2013) is still available from IKEA. IKEA has released at least one new design that I know of, but our reviews are only based on products that we personally purchased and use in our home. Our Risor is still in good condition and working well, so I don't have any plans to replace it. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Mine has just broken a few minutes ago so how can I fix it?

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