15 February 2013

IKEA Vrijdag: Norden Klaptafel/Gateleg Table

Recently, we've figured out how to clear off the kitchen table, and I decided that now was as good a time as any to finally take a picture and review it. 

We chose the Norden Klaptafel/Gateleg Table for our kitchen. There were two things that attracted us to this table. Firstly, there are three drawers on either side of the center of the table. We know from experience living in Chicago and from watching way too many episodes of House Hunters International that cabinet and drawer storage space can be hard to come by. And we also know from experience that we acquire lots of crap and need places to put it; and six drawers of space that we can take with us is a good thing. Secondly, the gateleg option is handy for smaller kitchens. We're fortunate that we have plenty of kitchen space now, but there may be another house in our future that may not take well to a larger table, and it's easy to just fold down both sides f this table. 


The table is made of birch with an acrylic lacquer, and comes in a natural birch color or white. The directions recommend that the table is built by two people, mostly so that it can be lifted. Mark managed to put it together by himself. The table comes with the ever present allan wrenches, but it's much easier to do this with a power drill. The drawers were a bit dodgy to put together, mostly because they're held together with wooden pegs and require a bit of light hammering. At first, the drawers were always sticking and a pain to open and close. As everything has "settled" the drawers now open well enough but still stick on more humid days - which is still pretty often since we live in the Netherlands. IKEA recommends that you tighten the screwed after a few weeks' time, and that seems like good advice since the table top starts to wobble a little after a bit of use but a little tightening puts it right again. 

The table top, drawer fronts and legs are relatively easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Thankfully, we haven't needed to clean the inside of any of the drawers, so nothing to report on the drawer bottoms (which appear to be flexible pressboard or something similar). As far as I can tell, the lacquer hasn't chipped yet, and the Little Man has given the table top a run for its money. 

We give the Norden Klaptafel/Gateleg Table 4 Swedish meatballs on our 5 meatball scale. One meatball is deducted for the sticky drawers.

Life in Dutch Rating of Norden Klaptafel/Gateleg Table:


  1. I just got this table myself for my house in Germany! Trying to think of creative uses for those cute drawers. :)

    1. We're still fans of this table - the drawers are great for all sorts of weird odds and ends. And we've learned that dropping one side is a great way to force yourself not to allow the table top to get full of clutter.


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